Our Services

Our company focuses on providing a wide range of services, including electronic and mechanical device design and development, prototyping, serial production, and testing. We are also actively involved in research on modern technologies and innovations. We collaborate with our clients on the development and implementation of their ideas and projects, with our company placing great emphasis on quality, innovation, and reliability.


Our services include electronic schematic design and subsequent PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design, which means complete development of electronic devices from conception to serial production.

Our experienced engineers and designers work with the latest software and technologies to ensure maximum performance and reliability of your product. Our services also include testing and verification of the functionality of the resulting device before delivery.

We design electronic schematics based on the specific requirements of our clients and ensure efficient use of the PCB board space and reduction of manufacturing costs. This allows us to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality.

With our services, you will not only get a high-quality and reliable solution for your needs but also professional and individual care throughout the entire development process. Using our services can save you time and money and enable you to quickly get your product to the market.

In addition, our company also conducts research in the field of electronics and industrial applications, which allows us to always be at the forefront of technological development and innovation.

CAD Design

CAD design focuses on creating 3D models, drawings, and visualizations for industrial use. This process utilizes advanced software tools that allow for the creation of high-quality end products. We use CAD software such as SolidWorks, CATIA, or AutoCAD, which enable the creation and modification of technical drawings, 3D models, and animations.

Our engineers are experts in CAD design and have experience in various industrial sectors. Our goal is to collaborate with our clients to create results that meet their requirements and needs. Our engineers can also provide consulting services in product development, such as design optimization, cost reduction, and shortening the development cycle.

With our CAD design, we can create 3D models of all types of products, from simple components to complex machinery. These models can be used for visualization, virtual testing, motion simulation, kinematics calculations, and other applications. Additionally, we can create technical drawings that are necessary for production and assembly of the products.

Our CAD design service is invaluable in developing new products and optimizing existing products. Our customers can be assured that they will have access to modern and high-quality CAD design that will help take their product to the next level.


We provide comprehensive solutions for developing applications for various electronic devices. Our specialists are capable of creating software for different platforms and operating systems, including embedded systems. We strive to design solutions that are efficient, reliable, and bring real value to our customers.

Our services include designing and developing firmware for various types of devices such as microcontrollers, sensors, instruments, robotic systems, and more. Additionally, we provide programming services for various platforms, including desktop applications, mobile applications, and web applications.

Our experienced programmers specialize in languages such as C/C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, and others. This allows us to offer the best solutions for each project, including developing applications for IoT (Internet of Things) and other modern technologies.

In addition to software development, we also offer testing and software maintenance, ensuring that applications are reliable and hassle-free. Our goal is to provide our customers with excellent services that are tailored to their needs and meet all their requirements.


Computational analysis involves the use of state-of-the-art computational tools and methods to solve various engineering problems and analyze structural elements. Using advanced simulation tools, we can predict the behavior of materials and structures under different loading conditions, such as temperature or force changes.

This enables us to ensure that the proposed products or systems will be safe, reliable, and functional. Our experience and expertise allow us to solve a wide range of problems, including fluid flow analysis, thermal and electromagnetic properties, aerodynamic analysis, and many others.

The results of our analysis allow our customers to obtain valuable information about the behavior of their products and systems, which can lead to improved performance and reduced maintenance costs. Computational analysis is intended for companies that are involved in the production and development of various technical equipment, machinery, and systems and need to ensure the high quality of their products and gain a competitive advantage in the market.


This service is designed for customers who need to quickly prototype their device or product. Thanks to modern technologies and the experience of our team, we can create a prototype in the shortest possible time.

First, the desired specifications of the prototype and its functional requirements are thoroughly discussed with the customer. Then, the most suitable technology for prototype production is selected. We use, for example, 3D printing, laser cutting, CNC machining, and other modern procedures.

We also ensure that the prototype is as similar as possible to the final product, so that the customer can verify its functionality and ergonomics. If necessary, we can prepare a series of prototypes for testing and obtaining feedback from users.

Thanks to our service, you can quickly and efficiently test your ideas and concepts, allowing you to quickly adapt to changing market and customer requirements.


Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that combines knowledge and technologies from the areas of mechanical engineering, electronics, computer science, and automation. Our mechatronics service includes the design and development of complex mechatronic systems, such as robotics systems, autonomous vehicles, security and safety systems, precision measuring and control systems, and much more.

With our expertise and technologies, we are able to create innovative and effective solutions for various industrial sectors, including automotive, processing, pharmaceutical, and others. Our teams of experts ensure the entire development process, from initial design and simulation to manufacturing and deployment of the final product.

Thanks to our mechatronics service, our customers can take advantage of the latest technologies and innovative solutions to increase their productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness.


Our technical documentation service includes creating comprehensive documentation for products and equipment in various fields. This documentation includes everything from user manuals and service manuals to technical drawings and product specifications. Our team of technical writers and engineers has experience creating documentation for various industries, whether it be mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or the automotive industry.

Our services include processing complete documentation from design to production and product use. The documentation is based on our knowledge of regulations and standards and includes detailed descriptions of all components and their functions, drawings with precise dimensions and geometry, calculations and analyses, testing plans, and much more.

Our goal is to ensure that our documentation is accurate, up-to-date, and understandable for users, technicians, and managers. This helps our customers reduce the risks associated with improper use of products and increase their efficiency and reliability.


We provide certification and testing services for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), safety, and other areas. EMC certification is necessary for products that contain electronics and are to be introduced to the market. The certification process involves testing the product to ensure that it complies with the relevant EMC standards and directives.

Our EMC services not only include testing in our own laboratories but also assistance with preparing the product for testing, including designing the printed circuit board and other electronic components. Additionally, we can provide advice on design to ensure that products are prepared for testing and certification.

In addition to EMC certification, we also offer other types of testing and certification, including safety, radio testing, and other areas that are necessary to obtain permission to bring the product to market. Our company has its own testing equipment and experienced professionals who are able to provide a complete solution for product certification and testing.

Thanks to our certification and testing services, our customers can be confident that their products comply with the relevant standards and directives and are ready for successful market introduction.


Our technical support service is a key component of our service offering and provides customers with expert assistance in technical problem-solving. We aim to not only provide customers with answers to their inquiries and solutions to their technical issues but also to help them optimize their projects for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Our technical support is provided by a team of experts who have extensive experience with technical problems in various fields. Our experts are equipped with the latest tools and technologies and are capable of answering queries and solving problems in real-time.

We provide technical support in areas such as electronic device design and development, firmware and software programming, computational analysis, mechatronics, PCB design, certification and testing, and many others. Our technical experts are capable of providing comprehensive technical support at every stage of a project, from initial design to production and deployment.

Our technical support is based on collaboration with our customers, and our goal is always to achieve their satisfaction and maximum success in their projects. We strive to create long-term relationships with our customers and be their reliable partner for technical solutions.